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Saturday, December 1, 2012

OMG, it's a double rainbow!

Wow, a rare double rainbow!
 Aloha folks! Nate here again. This morning started out with a little boat cleaning after our amazing viking raiding party themed boat during the Hawaii Kai Boat Parade. The fun didn't stop there! We had a lightly loaded boat with 7 customers, that all wanted to see the splendors of the waikiki wrecks. We headed out around diamondhead, and the ENTIRE TIME there was a vibrant double rainbow. All the way up until the last of our divers descended below the surface of the water! Our first sight was the Seatiger. I had a bunch of advanced students so we did our skills and played our games and did our “surface/depth” tests. Then we ascended and played with the turtles on our way up. Everyone else mentioned seeing frogfish, nudi of different types, the uber awesome wreck itself, among lots of other neat little sea creatures.

Moray Eel giving us the evil eye!
7-11 spotted crab
We went into the Ala Wai marina for some snacks, and there was someone driving my huge, multi-million dollar, sleek and sexy yacht...On to other news, we went to the YO-257 and had a great dive. The turtles were in abundance, schools of barracuda chilled above us, yellow margin morays were everywhere (including hanging out of pipes), the frogfish was chillin, and schools of various butterfly and tangs were swimming around. The guests cruising in the Atlantis sub got a good laugh and some pictures with my santa hat, and my students got their xmas card pictures taken with the hat.
Even Santa loves an octopus!

Our third dive was at Fantasy Reef. The vis was good, and there was next to no current. We dropped in to do a “swimming drift” and the reef didnt dissapoint. There was a gang/herd/pod/cluster of octopus all in the same spot, so everyone got their fill of Tako. A large 7-11 crab was trying to hide inside a crevice, but not well enough! Turtles were everywhere (endangered eh?) and the moray, two pipefish, and cleaner shrimp were in their holes. It was an amazing day, brought on by the great spectacle of the rainbow, filling the sky above our diving heads with color! Mahalo from all the staff and crew!