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Friday, November 30, 2012

Corsair & Monk Seal

Rare Monk Seal sighting!
Wow, a day of changes in the weather. a bit windy, cloudy, and rainy as we headed out. then the sun popped out, and we had an incredible rainbow. then it got rainy, and then sunny! But underwater was great consistently! Corsair was perfect, surface current, but mild at the bottom, and 100 plus viz. lots of garden eels, frog fish, a small moray, a big helmet counch, and schools of fish. 2nd jump was a drift of Spitting Caves, and it was truly spectacular. 2 octopi, a monk seal, with a transmitter glued on his back, big morays, 12 turtles, fabulous walls and perfect current, all in 150 foot viz!!

110' down at Corsair plane wreck

Thanks to all for a great morning of diving!

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