Island Divers Hawaii is a multi-location dive operation on Oahu Hawaii, near Waikiki & Honolulu. Three daily boat charters depart at 8:30am, 9:00am and 12:30pm for wreck, drift and wall diving. Visit for details and locations. Come scuba diving with us off Waikiki and Honolulu!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Great Day Scuba Diving on Oahu

It was a great morning today as we headed out for our first scuba diving charter of the day. Our first dive was at the Corsair dive site, and we had great viz as we got down the line. There were fish everywhere, with schools of pennant butterflyfish and goatfish swimming about and soldierfish and damselfish hiding in the wreck. There were also two large frog fish sitting on the tail of the plane.  But soon it was time to end the first scuba dive of the morning and head out to another great Oahu dive site.

For the second scuba dive of the morning we drifting the dive site Spitting Caves and again had great visibility. Along the dive site there were fish all about the reef and rocks including another large frog fish and a few eels hiding out. We also had a few turtles about the area and a few divers get a glimpse of a white tip reef shark hiding out in one of the caves. Just another great dive scuba diving off Oahu.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Concert of Whales

Aloha scuba divers!
      Today on our morning scuba diving charter off the Sea Fox dive boat, we first went to the Corsair dive site. We had a group of 7 certified divers, which lead to nice small dive groups. The surface conditions were good and the visibility was awesome, just as you might expect from oahu scuba diving!
Yellow-Margin Eel
     As soon as we entered the water, we were serenaded by multiple songs by humpback whales. They seemed like they were at the Corsair dive site with us! We made our way down and were greeted by two frogfish on the tail section, encircled by a large school of goatfish and moorish idols. The garden eels were dancing about our perimeter, and a lone starfish picked its way across the sand, heading towards the Corsair wreck. All too soon, we had to head back to gravity, climbing onto the Sea Fox dive boat and seeing a humpback whale breach in the distance.
Red-Stripe Pipefish
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

     Our second dive was to the Spitting Caves dive site. It was a great day for oahu drift diving. Decently calm surface conditions, and medium current. We dropped into 80+ visibility and began our cruise along the oahu wall dive. We encountered another frogfish, at least 9 hawaiian green sea turtles, 2 pipefish, a couple morays, two scorpionfish fighting, and many different types of reef fish, and more turtles. All in all, it was a great and uber day of oahu scuba diving. Mahalo from the crew and see you underwater!

Hawaii Scuba University welcome the newest divemaster class

Hawaii Scuba University welcomes the newest Divemaster class: Maxine Market, Micheal Kurt, Adam Hershey and Dean Hutton.

Looking forward to seeing you on the dive boat this weekend working with the newest group of Open Waters students learning to enjoy oahu scuba diving!

HSU accepts GI benefits and next instructor program begins on April 10th!  Check out the calendar on the HSU website.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Waikiki Style Scuba Diving

Mike on San Pedro
It was a great day out on the water as a small group of divers as we headed out of Kewalo Basin on the Sea Hound.  We had some wind but good conditions on the surface as we motored to the YO-257 with whales being spotted offshore. We dropped in on the wreck with very little current and a good 70 ft visibility. There was whale song heard throughout the dive and all kinds of sea life. There were a few turtles swimming about and a couple eels hiding out in the YO. We swam to the San Pedro and had fish all over it, but quickly turn back to the YO where there was a lot more fish life. Soon it was time to head up and head to the next site.

For the second dive we decided on the Seatiger and again had some great conditions with good viz and no current. There were a few more turtles about the wreck and a large school of snapper near the bow. On the way back to the line we found a magnificent snake eel swimming about and a large white tip reef shark resting on the bottom. sadly we couldn't get down to were the shark was at due to it being down at 120' and we were running out on bottom time.

It's not a hurricane underwater!

3 turtles at the local cleaning station: Koko Craters
    Aloha! Today turned out to be a beaut! Surface conditions were good, very windy, but sun was out and not much swell. We had a busy boat of a mix with Open Water students and certified divers, all coming out to enjoy Hawaiian diving. We had a family of five, Steve, Kavi, Kannan, and Kaesha, and Minsa (don't be mad ;) doing their OW dives 1/2, and Rachel doing her 3/4, and they picked a good time to come. It was great seeing their eyes explode with excitement as they realized band-aid fish in the pool weren't the only thing to see in SCUBA.

Sponge Crab
    We dived at Koko Craters first. The visibility was around 50 feet, and the sea life was active. Multiple turtles lounged about getting cleaned by the reef fish, as did a large yellow-margin moray getting his teeth cared for by a cleaner wrasse. We could hear whales barely off in the distance during the entire dive! Near main crater a large sponge crab attempted to fool us with a green sponge on his back, but Kannan knew better and gave us all a huge crab hand sign. Coronet fish prowled the top of the reef, a couple upside down trumpet fish displayed their PPB skills, and the whole charter was able to catch a glimpse of a huge octopus. Sean and Rob finally got to see one!

Devil Scorpion Fish
  Our next dive was at Turlte Canyons. Hawaiian pirahnas (Black Durgon) awaited us, and our food, as we giant strided into the water. It was a bit surgey, but the fish were all over the place. Schools of reef fish paraded around the reef, eating and swimming to stay warm. It was a bit chilly on this one. Devil scorpionfish, a few leaf scorpions, morays, some shrimp, another crab, and lots of students having a hoverthon and other skills, were among a few of the things we saw. What a great day! Congratulations to Rachel on finishing her OW certification, and mahalo from the staff and crew at IDH for coming out with us on this Presidents Day weekend!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

RoUgH, WeT and WiLd!!!

Aloha folks! Nate back in action reporting the wicked diving here in Maunalua Bay. Alex and myself ran the first morning charter back on the Sea Fox since it went in for maintenance. She ran like a kitten, even with a fully packed boat on a beautiful Presidents Day weekend. We had two groups today, one of more experienced divers, the other taking the next step and extending their diving experience.

First dive we motored out to was Kahala Barge. We splashed and made our way down. It was choppy on the surface and there was a bit of current, but our divers handled it with confidence due to the good 65 ft vis. Underwater we did a few swim throughs, all the way being scouted by a couple clusters of hawaiian bigeye. A yellow margin moray was in the collapsed tower structure waiting for a cleaner wrasse to do work. After a nice cruise around, we went up. As soon as we surfaced after our safety stop, we were greeted by humpback whale spouts and breaching about a half mile away. Getting back on the boat was fun, like a hydro roller coaster, but its always a good time in the Pacific!

Our second dive was a vote for a nice relaxed dive. We went to the amazing Koko Craters. 14 green sea turtles, 5 different colored leaf scorpion fish, a super sticky octopus, triggerfish, morays of different types (stout, whitemouth, yellow-margin), a large sponge crab,  two slipper lobster, and a large school of goatfish, were a handful of the things we saw as we explored all four craters of this beautiful site. The 75 ft vis and mild current helped to finish this day with a blast. Mahalo from the crew and IDH!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Manta spotted at corsair dive site

Hey Divers!  The morning scuba diving charter today went out on the good old honey ann dive boat! We went to the Corsair dive site for our first dive with my team of seven certified scuba divers.  We found the two frog fish that call the Corsair home on the tail holding hands, it was adorable.  For the rest of this classic Oahu scuba dive we were treated to some beautiful whale songs, it got so loud I thought we were going to see them, but alas, no such luck.  However, we made up for it when we saw  a manta on our safety stop! Needless to say, we were all pretty stoked.  Our second dive was made at Anglers reef.  I found a mammoth sized eel, and several smaller ones, and one of my favorite finds, a leaf scorpion fish. That put an end to our beautiful morning of oahu scuba diving!  Just want to thank my divers for such an easy day, and for being a fun group.  And congrats to Eric who is getting hitched tonight!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dive Report from Island Divers Cozumel Trip

December 2011 Island Divers invaded the coast of Cozumel at the Sabor resort for a week of diving.  I think the only actual people that were living in Honolulu at the time were myself and Sheila, but everyone there had a connection to Island Divers in the past.  We had a great time together.

Every day started with a two tank boat dive to Palancar Reef and some fantastic diving.  The resort staff were super friendly, the food quite good, and most of us took amply advantage of the open bar.

After a week of diving Cozumel, a smaller set of us heading off to Playa del Carmen to explore a little bit of the mainland.  The very first night we found an amazingly good local restaurant that the Hacienda staff recommended and I'm pretty sure we ate every dinner there the whole time we were in Playa, it was so hard to go anywhere else!  We took two day trips.  One down to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum

We really appreciate the scuba diving business that everyone brings us in Honolulu Hawaii, but Island Divers doesn't mind going on a dive trip or two out of town.  Dive with us in Waikki and take a dive trip with around the world.  Here is a line to to everyone's pictures that decided to share:

Island Divers Shutterfly picture share site

Hope to see as many as week can on next trip!