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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Great Day Scuba Diving on Oahu

It was a great morning today as we headed out for our first scuba diving charter of the day. Our first dive was at the Corsair dive site, and we had great viz as we got down the line. There were fish everywhere, with schools of pennant butterflyfish and goatfish swimming about and soldierfish and damselfish hiding in the wreck. There were also two large frog fish sitting on the tail of the plane.  But soon it was time to end the first scuba dive of the morning and head out to another great Oahu dive site.

For the second scuba dive of the morning we drifting the dive site Spitting Caves and again had great visibility. Along the dive site there were fish all about the reef and rocks including another large frog fish and a few eels hiding out. We also had a few turtles about the area and a few divers get a glimpse of a white tip reef shark hiding out in one of the caves. Just another great dive scuba diving off Oahu.

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