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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's not a hurricane underwater!

3 turtles at the local cleaning station: Koko Craters
    Aloha! Today turned out to be a beaut! Surface conditions were good, very windy, but sun was out and not much swell. We had a busy boat of a mix with Open Water students and certified divers, all coming out to enjoy Hawaiian diving. We had a family of five, Steve, Kavi, Kannan, and Kaesha, and Minsa (don't be mad ;) doing their OW dives 1/2, and Rachel doing her 3/4, and they picked a good time to come. It was great seeing their eyes explode with excitement as they realized band-aid fish in the pool weren't the only thing to see in SCUBA.

Sponge Crab
    We dived at Koko Craters first. The visibility was around 50 feet, and the sea life was active. Multiple turtles lounged about getting cleaned by the reef fish, as did a large yellow-margin moray getting his teeth cared for by a cleaner wrasse. We could hear whales barely off in the distance during the entire dive! Near main crater a large sponge crab attempted to fool us with a green sponge on his back, but Kannan knew better and gave us all a huge crab hand sign. Coronet fish prowled the top of the reef, a couple upside down trumpet fish displayed their PPB skills, and the whole charter was able to catch a glimpse of a huge octopus. Sean and Rob finally got to see one!

Devil Scorpion Fish
  Our next dive was at Turlte Canyons. Hawaiian pirahnas (Black Durgon) awaited us, and our food, as we giant strided into the water. It was a bit surgey, but the fish were all over the place. Schools of reef fish paraded around the reef, eating and swimming to stay warm. It was a bit chilly on this one. Devil scorpionfish, a few leaf scorpions, morays, some shrimp, another crab, and lots of students having a hoverthon and other skills, were among a few of the things we saw. What a great day! Congratulations to Rachel on finishing her OW certification, and mahalo from the staff and crew at IDH for coming out with us on this Presidents Day weekend!