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Saturday, February 16, 2013

RoUgH, WeT and WiLd!!!

Aloha folks! Nate back in action reporting the wicked diving here in Maunalua Bay. Alex and myself ran the first morning charter back on the Sea Fox since it went in for maintenance. She ran like a kitten, even with a fully packed boat on a beautiful Presidents Day weekend. We had two groups today, one of more experienced divers, the other taking the next step and extending their diving experience.

First dive we motored out to was Kahala Barge. We splashed and made our way down. It was choppy on the surface and there was a bit of current, but our divers handled it with confidence due to the good 65 ft vis. Underwater we did a few swim throughs, all the way being scouted by a couple clusters of hawaiian bigeye. A yellow margin moray was in the collapsed tower structure waiting for a cleaner wrasse to do work. After a nice cruise around, we went up. As soon as we surfaced after our safety stop, we were greeted by humpback whale spouts and breaching about a half mile away. Getting back on the boat was fun, like a hydro roller coaster, but its always a good time in the Pacific!

Our second dive was a vote for a nice relaxed dive. We went to the amazing Koko Craters. 14 green sea turtles, 5 different colored leaf scorpion fish, a super sticky octopus, triggerfish, morays of different types (stout, whitemouth, yellow-margin), a large sponge crab,  two slipper lobster, and a large school of goatfish, were a handful of the things we saw as we explored all four craters of this beautiful site. The 75 ft vis and mild current helped to finish this day with a blast. Mahalo from the crew and IDH!

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