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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Waikiki Style Scuba Diving

Mike on San Pedro
It was a great day out on the water as a small group of divers as we headed out of Kewalo Basin on the Sea Hound.  We had some wind but good conditions on the surface as we motored to the YO-257 with whales being spotted offshore. We dropped in on the wreck with very little current and a good 70 ft visibility. There was whale song heard throughout the dive and all kinds of sea life. There were a few turtles swimming about and a couple eels hiding out in the YO. We swam to the San Pedro and had fish all over it, but quickly turn back to the YO where there was a lot more fish life. Soon it was time to head up and head to the next site.

For the second dive we decided on the Seatiger and again had some great conditions with good viz and no current. There were a few more turtles about the wreck and a large school of snapper near the bow. On the way back to the line we found a magnificent snake eel swimming about and a large white tip reef shark resting on the bottom. sadly we couldn't get down to were the shark was at due to it being down at 120' and we were running out on bottom time.

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