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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Drew's St. Patties Day Monk Seal Suprise!

Epic 3 Tanker today off the Oahu's South shore. We first dropped in at the 90 ft. LCU where we saw a few good sized white-tip reef sharks as well as an especially friendly octopus. Due to a Monk Seal sighting by Alex Burr the day before, we chose to drift the Sea-Cave for our second dive hoping that with a little St. Patties Day luck she would still be there. Near the back of the cave an enourmous shadow cruised over our heads and we immediately knew we hit the jackpot. She gave me a curious a look as I invitingly blew O-rings towards her, and she even played with the bubbles right above the heads of a few customers! On our way out of the cave she gave us another swim-by, investigating a few divers and even chasing a turtle!

For our Third dive Capt. Joe took us over to a newly discovered dive site off of Sandy's Beach. Very nice coral and cool archways as well as a good sized shark cave. Very cool drift site that I can't wait to get back to and explore more. Still trying to come up with a name! Thanks to all who came out,  and congrats to Nick, Michele, and Anthony on the Nitrox and Advanced certifications! With thousands of dives in Hawaii and only a handful of Monk Seal encounters this was truly a St. Patties Day Dive to remember.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Humpback Whales on the Whale Watching Charter!

Hi Folks,

While this is not a scuba diving report persay, we thought you might like to see a typical sight here in Oahu during the winter months when we run our evening Whale Watching boat tours off the same 50' Sea Fox boat we scuba dive oahu from. Check out this video shot and compiled by our intrepid Capt Joe!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Wednesday morning diving

Wednesday morning boasted the best diving conditions we had seen in a month. A special request and smooth sailing conditions took us over to the Y.O. 257 and San Pedro wrecks off of Waikiki. A slow trip back around Diamond Head Crater didn't yield any fish, but we had plenty of humpback whales to keep us company. Our second dive was a drift at Spitting Caves and we just beat out the tide switch to enjoy great visibility. Both dives were exceptional and the divers we had on the boat made the trip even more special. Welcome home (or almost!) to the group of Canadian Navy divers on board. They pull in to their home port next week after an eight month deployment in the Middle East.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monk Seal Surprise on the Night Dive

Hey Divers!
    Last night with the trusty Fox back in action and better then ever we ventured out to the LCU for our first dive.  I had a motley crew of some Island Divers DMC's and some very skilled divers who were ready to see some sharks.  Now I warned them that the sharks who make the LCU their home during the day are usually out feeding at night, but of course I jinxed it and right when we descended a white tip reef shark made an appearance. It circled around under the swim through for a while then cruised on out of there.  I also found a large night octopus, somewhat less friendly then it's friend the common octopus, but cool none the less.  And of course the whales sang us a nice song for most of the dive.

   For the second dive we went to a site I have been DYING to do at night since I got here, spitting caves!  And guys let me tell you, it. was. spectacular.  We saw multiple sponge crab, grumpy little buggers who resemble the reef during the day but come out to play at night.  We also saw a Hawaiian conger eel, has the body of an eel and a head kind of like a catfish.  Some sleepy sea turtles were dismayed to be woken up by our torches.  And the grand finale? A hunting monk seal cruised by trying to get his flippers on some tasty dinner.  And yet again we were serenaded by the sounds of dolphin and whales during the whole dive.  It was so loud during our safety stop I was convinced one was going to bump into us out of the darkness. Just want to thank my divers for such a wonderful experience, you guys were an awesome group and I am so glad we got to dive spitting caves! Also just want to thank my diver Jerry for the monk seal video!
Happy Diving!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

After 3 and a half years...It finally happened.

White-tip Reef Shark

When I first moved to Hawaii and learned about the Humpack whales that anually migrate through the islands I always hoped that I would be lucky enough to encounter one while I was diving, and after 3 and a half years, my oahu scuba diving dream finally happened. As soon as we dropped in at the LCU we could hear the Humpbacks singing so loud that you could feel it in your chest, foreshadowing what was to come. We saw a few barracuda in the distance, and under the wreck we got to hang out with a few of the LCU's resident white-tip reef sharks. Durring our accent the whales had gotten so loud that I couldn't help but turn my head to look back at the wreck one last time. Thank the SCUBA Gods that I did because I witnessed a +50 ft. Humpack whale gracefully glide over the wreck, surface, dive back down and then dissapear into blue. A life-changing experience to say the least.

Entrance to Sea Cave

On our second dive we took advantage of the nice conditions and went to drift the Sea Cave. Inside the cave we saw a Green Sea Turtle hanging out, as well as a Titan's Trumpet. After the cave we drifted down the wall and spotted an emaculate Tiger Cowry, a beautiful and rare find. Thanks to all the guys who came out with me, I hope you are still in as much bliss as I am at this moment. Today was oahu diving at its best.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Case Of The Mondays!

Another beautiful Monday morning charter on the Sea Hound and we were graced with not just Captain John but Ol Captain Mason today too. First dive was on the LCU. A couple white tips cruising around under the wreck, while a large female layed in the sand. From the looks of it this old girl was pregnant, however I'm no doctor. After exploring the rest of the site we got back on the boat to find Captain John was sharing starburst and mini candy bars! Bonus! After our surface interval we dropped in to do a drift on fantasy reef. We had turtles swim under us, over us, and even right next to us. Some of my divers unfortunately missed a turtle taking a nap in the back of my favorite swim through. As we were approaching the end of the dive a small spotted eagle ray wanted to swing by and share some aloha with my divers. Is this not what you consider a case of the Mondays?

Beautiful Sunday diving at Koko Craters in Oahu

Great day of diving out in Maunalua Bay in Hawaii. Our winds finally died down to give us a calm, sunny afternoon charter. Congrats to first time PADI Discover Scuba Divers, Keesha and Missy, and welcome back to Matt who first dove in our Warrior Adventure Quest program back in 2011. The water was chilly but we doubled up on neoprene and had a great dive filled with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and day octopus.

Countless humpback whale breaches occurred during our surface interval and it was a great day to be in Hawaii Nei.