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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monk Seal Surprise on the Night Dive

Hey Divers!
    Last night with the trusty Fox back in action and better then ever we ventured out to the LCU for our first dive.  I had a motley crew of some Island Divers DMC's and some very skilled divers who were ready to see some sharks.  Now I warned them that the sharks who make the LCU their home during the day are usually out feeding at night, but of course I jinxed it and right when we descended a white tip reef shark made an appearance. It circled around under the swim through for a while then cruised on out of there.  I also found a large night octopus, somewhat less friendly then it's friend the common octopus, but cool none the less.  And of course the whales sang us a nice song for most of the dive.

   For the second dive we went to a site I have been DYING to do at night since I got here, spitting caves!  And guys let me tell you, it. was. spectacular.  We saw multiple sponge crab, grumpy little buggers who resemble the reef during the day but come out to play at night.  We also saw a Hawaiian conger eel, has the body of an eel and a head kind of like a catfish.  Some sleepy sea turtles were dismayed to be woken up by our torches.  And the grand finale? A hunting monk seal cruised by trying to get his flippers on some tasty dinner.  And yet again we were serenaded by the sounds of dolphin and whales during the whole dive.  It was so loud during our safety stop I was convinced one was going to bump into us out of the darkness. Just want to thank my divers for such a wonderful experience, you guys were an awesome group and I am so glad we got to dive spitting caves! Also just want to thank my diver Jerry for the monk seal video!
Happy Diving!


  1. Blair,

    great dives, great dive master...thanks, Mike

    P.S. So it was a conger eel, thanks for figuring that one out.

  2. Blair: awesome night of diving, thanks! Spitting Caves was spot on and probably my best dive so far, making my day drift there #2. Glad my video helped :-)
    Jerry Hall

  3. Yeah, great video Jerry. Thanks for sharing.