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Monday, April 1, 2013

No Fooling Scuba Diving on Oahu

We had some of the best conditions we ever get scuba diving off the southeast side of Oahu today. We took a small group of divers out to the LCU dive site and had calm surface conditions,, with a light breeze and no swells. There was also a light current and 100ft+ visibility as we got tied up on the wreck. Dropping down to the bottom we found three white tip reef sharks hiding out under the ship. Also around the dive site were large schools of goatfish and colorful reef fish all about.
But soon we were up from the dive and off to the next dive site at Sea Cave. On the motor to the other side of the bay we spotted a couple different pods of humpback whales. With the nice calm conditions we hang out a little bit and watched, a great way to enjoy our surface interval before the next dive.

For the second scuba dive we dropped in at Sea Cave and had a nice current along a beautiful reef site. Inside Sea Cave there were fish about but sadly no bigger animals.

Coming out of the cave and drifting along the wall we had tons of sea life. There were a couple turtles swimming and a few eels hiding out in the reef. We had reef fish all over the place with butterflyfish, wrasses, and damsel fish swimming in and out of the rocks and coral.

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