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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whale Symphony at Night

Aloha and Good Evening folks!

Sponge crab - Waikiki diving
Sponge Crab on the Corsair Wreck dive
Nature has been kind to us the past few days, and it still keeps on giving! Sorry for all you surfers out there, this is scuba diving week. Conditions were excellent as we prepared to leave dock for a two tank Night Diving charter our of Hawaii Kai.

Oahu scuba diving is fantastic during the day, and we had a few first time night divers to prove that it was also just as fantastic at night. We chose to do the Corsair wreck dive first. The sun set fast and dusk was already upon us as we descended. Kyra and Isaac were doing their Nitrox Specialty and Night Advanced Open Water certification dive, and were stoked. Strong current siphoned awesome jellies and weird alien looking creatures past us on our way down.
Frogfish - Honolulu scuba diving

About halfway down the underwater symphony began. Humpback song echoed around the bay as we dove, giving us a bit of a theme music background as we explored the wreckage. It was loud and amazing. We were looking around just expecting to see one swim by....again :) The frogfish were posing awesome on the tail, the moray was in the engine, surrounded by a red hawaiian lobster and a crab. Two spongecrabs were hugging under the prop, and schools of moorish idols slept on the inside of the cockpit. On our ascent the bio's were awesome. Bits of blue encircling anything that moved!

Frogfish - diving oahu hawaii
  Our second dive was at Baby Barge, another Oahu Wreck Dive. We tied up and headed down. Current was still ripping but the bio-luminescence was everywhere! Turtles slept about and got a little upset when our lights woke them from their slumber. One of these guys even decided to ram Ryan and his monster camera! A few morays were hunting around the underside of the wreck, and the whales could still be heard in the distance. The wreck looked uber cool with 10 lights lighting it up from multiple angles, and flashes from cameras occasionally giving a wide view. on the surrounding reef, the fish all sat in the nooks and crannys to avoid the current and get some well earned rest.
Moray eel - oahu scuba diving
Moray Eel

We all got back on the boat and enjoyed some hot cocoa and tea, and made it back to dock, but only after a minty hot towel! Mahalo from staff and crew for coming out at IDH!

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