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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Perfect Calm Scuba Diving on Oahu

It was a wonderful day scuba diving off the southeast side of Oahu today. We headed out to Kahala Barge for the first dive and had some of the best visibility we ever get on Oahu. We could see to wreck without getting off the boat and had little current as we dropped in the water.  Diving around the barge there was life everywhere. We had damsel fish hiding around the corals, butterflyfish swimming about, and even a white tip reef shark hiding out inside the wreck.

For the second dive we drifted Fantasy Reef and again had spectacular viz. We swam about the reef finding eels and fish all about including a white mouth morey and yellow margin morey. There were also turtles everywhere. They were resting under ledges and swimming about the dive site. All in all it was a great morning scuba diving on Oahu.


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