Island Divers Hawaii is a multi-location dive operation on Oahu Hawaii, near Waikiki & Honolulu. Three daily boat charters depart at 8:30am, 9:00am and 12:30pm for wreck, drift and wall diving. Visit for details and locations. Come scuba diving with us off Waikiki and Honolulu!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

3 Tanker Monk Seal Spanker

Frogfish - waikiki scuba diving
Commerson's Frogfish
Monk seal - oahu scuba diving
Hawaiian Monk Seal
Epic advanced 3 tank dive charter today off the Seafox. Our first dive we headed over to the side-by-side YO-257 and San Pedro wrecks (max depth: 90 ft, bottom time: 29 mins). On top of the San Pedro we witnessed 2 enormous Green Sea Turtles battling each other for the best napping spot and then found a playful octopus to top off the dive.

Next we headed to the Sea Tiger wreck,  (max depth: 100 ft, bottom time: 24 mins), where we found some cool Morey Eels as well as the amazingly camouflaged resident Frogfish, thanks Amy! Our final dive (Spitting Caves, max depth: 45ft, bottom time: 40 mins), was truly the icing on the cake as we saw a white-tip reef shark, frogfish, sponge-crab, turtles, and even a critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal hanging out in the A-frame cave! Thanks to all who came out today it was great to share such an awesome experience with you guys, and congrats to Josh and Andrew on their Nitrox and Advanced Open Water certifications, hope to see you all out with me and Amy again soon.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Change to Scuba Diving in Oahu

Corsair wreck dive, oahu diving
Corsair Plane Wreck 
Today we headed out to the Corsair dive site for the first dive of the morning. As we headed down the line we found out the recent big swell has done a little damage to the plane wreck. After being down for over 65 years, the Corsair is showing true wear. The fuselage has broken just behind the cockpit and part of the tail in now in the sand. There are still fish all about the plane including a couple large goatfish and amberjacks. We also found a frogfish hiding out around the mooring and had garden eels all around the site.

Hawaiian Green Sea turtle - Honolulu scuba diving
Green Sea Turtle
Corsair wreck dive - Waikiki scuba dive
Find the Frogfish!
For the second dive we dropped in at Fantasy Reef and had a great dive around the reef.  There were a few turtles about the reef resting on the bottom. We also found a few eels hiding out and reef fish swimming all about.It was a great drift now that the south swells have gone down again.

- Mark Savel

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Swell? What Swell?

Morey eel seen while oahu scuba diving
Yellow Margin Morey
Today it looks like the South swell has finally started to decline so we were able to get back our normal sites here in Maunalua Bay. We  started at the WWII Corsair wreck, which actually is now sitting tilted on its side from the swell that hit. Vis is back to awesome there and we got to see the resident frogfish as well as the even more camoflaged resident crocodile eel.

For our 2nd dive we drifted Keanu's reef where we saw some big moreys and the awesome staghorn coral heads which are little ecosystems in themselves. Thanks to all who dove with me today and happy Oahu diving in the future!
Crocodile eel seen scuba diving in Oahu
Can you spot the Crocodile Eel?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Afternoon of Scuba Diving Oahu

Butterfly fish - Honolulu scuba diving
Butterfly Fish
We had a nice day on the water scuba diving off the south east side of Oahu today. We headed out for a couple shallow reef dives and had wonderful viz on both dives. For the first site we dove Anglers Reef and had a little bit of a current as we descended to the bottom. There was fish life all about the reef with squirrelfish hiding under the reef and goatfish and butterflyfish swimming all about. There were also a couple eels hiding about the reef.

sea turtle - Waikiki scuba diving
Green Sea Turtle
Oauh scub diving with eels
A hunting eel
For the second dive we dropped in at Koko Craters and again had a great dive. We found a few turtles about the reef area and a few more eels hiding out. There were also damselfish everywhere defending their egg patches and wrasses swimming about. We found some trumpetfish around the reef as well.  -Mark

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not Oahu Scuba Diving But Molokai Diving

Finding our dive site off Molokai Hawaii
Today we did an unusual trip across to our nearest neighboring island, Molokai, for some scuba Diving. Leaving Friday night we motored across the channel with our captains Joe and Tim taking turns while the customers and staff slept in the cabin or out on the deck. After a rather adventurous crossing we made it to the NE corner of Molokai for the first dive with the hopes of spotting sharks. It was a great reef area with lots of fish life including wrasses and butterflyfish everywhere. At the very end of the dive a few divers caught a glimpse of a hammerhead shark!

Butterfly fish
We had a nice ride along the sea cliff on the north side of the island (some of the largest sea cliff in the world) even with some rain, making for some great waterfalls all along the ride. For our second dive we dropped in on one of the small islands on the east side of Kalaupapa called Okala Island. It had a big swim-thru on a part of the island and life hidden all around it. There were large crap all around it including a 7-11 crab and a sponge crab. We also saw a pair of bandit angelfish, a native fish rare to us Oahu scuba divers.

Hawaii scuba diving
Spot the spiny lobster!
After a nice lunch and motor to the NW side of Molokai we dropping in on a great shallow reef area for the final dive. There were large rubble piles everywhere for life to be hiding out in including groups of spiny lobsters and reef fish all about. Right at the end of the dive a few of us spotted a few bottlenose dolphins that quickly took off from the area. It was a great trip with a wonderful ride back to Oahu as the sun was slowly headed for the horizon.