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Sunday, May 26, 2013

3 Tanker Monk Seal Spanker

Frogfish - waikiki scuba diving
Commerson's Frogfish
Monk seal - oahu scuba diving
Hawaiian Monk Seal
Epic advanced 3 tank dive charter today off the Seafox. Our first dive we headed over to the side-by-side YO-257 and San Pedro wrecks (max depth: 90 ft, bottom time: 29 mins). On top of the San Pedro we witnessed 2 enormous Green Sea Turtles battling each other for the best napping spot and then found a playful octopus to top off the dive.

Next we headed to the Sea Tiger wreck,  (max depth: 100 ft, bottom time: 24 mins), where we found some cool Morey Eels as well as the amazingly camouflaged resident Frogfish, thanks Amy! Our final dive (Spitting Caves, max depth: 45ft, bottom time: 40 mins), was truly the icing on the cake as we saw a white-tip reef shark, frogfish, sponge-crab, turtles, and even a critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal hanging out in the A-frame cave! Thanks to all who came out today it was great to share such an awesome experience with you guys, and congrats to Josh and Andrew on their Nitrox and Advanced Open Water certifications, hope to see you all out with me and Amy again soon.


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