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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Change to Scuba Diving in Oahu

Corsair wreck dive, oahu diving
Corsair Plane Wreck 
Today we headed out to the Corsair dive site for the first dive of the morning. As we headed down the line we found out the recent big swell has done a little damage to the plane wreck. After being down for over 65 years, the Corsair is showing true wear. The fuselage has broken just behind the cockpit and part of the tail in now in the sand. There are still fish all about the plane including a couple large goatfish and amberjacks. We also found a frogfish hiding out around the mooring and had garden eels all around the site.

Hawaiian Green Sea turtle - Honolulu scuba diving
Green Sea Turtle
Corsair wreck dive - Waikiki scuba dive
Find the Frogfish!
For the second dive we dropped in at Fantasy Reef and had a great dive around the reef.  There were a few turtles about the reef resting on the bottom. We also found a few eels hiding out and reef fish swimming all about.It was a great drift now that the south swells have gone down again.

- Mark Savel


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