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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Afternoon of Scuba Diving Oahu

Butterfly fish - Honolulu scuba diving
Butterfly Fish
We had a nice day on the water scuba diving off the south east side of Oahu today. We headed out for a couple shallow reef dives and had wonderful viz on both dives. For the first site we dove Anglers Reef and had a little bit of a current as we descended to the bottom. There was fish life all about the reef with squirrelfish hiding under the reef and goatfish and butterflyfish swimming all about. There were also a couple eels hiding about the reef.

sea turtle - Waikiki scuba diving
Green Sea Turtle
Oauh scub diving with eels
A hunting eel
For the second dive we dropped in at Koko Craters and again had a great dive. We found a few turtles about the reef area and a few more eels hiding out. There were also damselfish everywhere defending their egg patches and wrasses swimming about. We found some trumpetfish around the reef as well.  -Mark

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