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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Swell? What Swell?

Morey eel seen while oahu scuba diving
Yellow Margin Morey
Today it looks like the South swell has finally started to decline so we were able to get back our normal sites here in Maunalua Bay. We  started at the WWII Corsair wreck, which actually is now sitting tilted on its side from the swell that hit. Vis is back to awesome there and we got to see the resident frogfish as well as the even more camoflaged resident crocodile eel.

For our 2nd dive we drifted Keanu's reef where we saw some big moreys and the awesome staghorn coral heads which are little ecosystems in themselves. Thanks to all who dove with me today and happy Oahu diving in the future!
Crocodile eel seen scuba diving in Oahu
Can you spot the Crocodile Eel?

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