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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Westside EnZo Two tank and Burger BBQ

We set off for the Westside with an amazing group of divers and 30 full tanks.  What a beautiful drive to that side of the island!  The mountains develop the deep grooves where the waterfalls plunge after high rainfalls.
The deck of the Mahi

We boarded the Enzo and headed to the Mahi an old Navy mind sweeper ship.  Max depth is about 90ft (bottom of the hull).  The deck is at about 75ft. We maintained a bottom time of about 40 min.

There are eels of all species slithering inside and out of port holes and nudibranchs and flatworms making their tracks along the old ropes and broken planks. There were Schools of 100's of goatfish, snappers, and damsels claiming their own territory on either sides of the ship and the occasional groups of hunting jacks patrolling the currents and checking out what kind of snacks might be taken shelter near the old ship.

Eels, eels, eels galore!

Eagle Rays
 But the most majestic event of it all was the grouping of nine large eagle rays.  They started out only with two using the current as a playground. Then they stayed stationary as the group grew with nine strong coming from the abyss. 

Makaha Caverns
Our second dive at the Makaha Caverns with a max depth of 50ft with a bottom time 50 minutes, was an awesome labyrinth of caverns, swim-throughs, and lava tubes.  So much life hiding in the crevices including turtles, groupers, nudi-branchs, and leaf fish.